Make sure you are blocking all task manager programs. You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on the application feature.

For Android devices, please verify that Advanced Messaging is turned off for the child's phone.  You can find this in Settings for the child's messaging app.


We block the following applications when you first start using our product to ensure our software works while your child is using the phone. The following blocked settings helps ensure that your child does not have access to shutting off GPS, uninstalling our software, or altering our program. Please keep these settings blocked if at all possible.

If your child needs access to one of these settings we recommend grabbing the phone, clicking on our product, and entering in your password. This will allow your child 30 minute access to that blocked application. We recommend testing the phone after your child had access to these applications or settings.

Below are the settings we block by default:

Application Storage

Development Settings

Device Administrators

Manage Applications

Privacy Settings

Running Services

Sub Settings


Task Manager