Application Blocking allows parents the ability to control access to the applications that a child has on their mobile device. This feature loads automatically when My Mobile Watchdog is installed on the child's device; there are no added steps to begin using this feature.

All applications are marked as approved during the initial sync with the exception of applications that we block to prevent your child access to remove or alter monitoring. Please keep these applications blocked if at all possible.

Any application installed on you child's device after the initial sync is marked as blocked by default. We do this to ensure your child does not have access to applications you might not approve of like Snapchat, Kik, etc.

There are three status levels for applications: Approved, Temporarily Allow, and Blocked.

Allowed – Complete access to the application 

Temporarily Unblock – 30 min. access to application, reset to blocked after time limit is reached

Block – No access to application, generates Activity Log when child attempts access

Note: Since the password that will unblock phone applications is the Parent's login password, it is recommended that the PARENT type the password. DO NOT give the password to the child.