NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- eAgency Mobile Security, developer of the My Mobile Watchdog® service, today announced the launch of "Kid Safe," a national campaign to address the proliferation of cyber bullying, sexting and sextortion in K-12 public schools using technology. In partnership with law enforcement organizations and businesses, eAgency Mobile Security will sponsor educational seminars for parents and provide free use of My Mobile Watchdog to all attendees.

Slated to launch at 20 public schools in California, the Kid Safe campaign will sponsor retired and off-duty police officers to conduct cyber-safety seminars for parents. The officers will teach attendees about the dangers kids face from peers and predators as well as technology's role in combating these behaviors. All parents who attend these seminars will receive 6 free months of My Mobile Watchdog so they can begin to monitor children's smartphone activity and create a virtual safety net in their school system.

"We can educate kids and parents about the dangers of cyber bullying, sexting and sextortion, but we have to get technology into parents' hands to actually solve these problems," said Bob Lotter, CEO of eAgency Mobile Security. "If we can get enough parents to monitor their children's text messages, mobile photos and social media activity, we can protect children and save lives at every public school in the country."

Tax Deferred Solutions (TDS), a California-based full-service plan administrator that serves over 300 school districts and municipalities, will co-sponsor the Kid Safe initiative throughout California. eAgency Mobile Security plans to take Kid Safe to Chicago and Denver next and eventually the rest of the country. The company will donate all the technology required for Kid Safe and partner with other businesses to fund the seminars.

With the rise of smartphone use among kids, cyber bullying, sexting and sextortion have grown to epidemic proportions. According to a PEW Internet and American Life Survey, 33% of teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying yet only 7% of parents worry about it. Researchers have linked cyber-bullying to rising levels of anxiety, depression and suicide among American youth.

In addition, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy found that 20% of teens have sent or posted nude or semi nude photographs or videos of themselves online, while a survey commissioned by Cox Communications found that 1 in 5 teens have received, sent or forwarded text messages or emails with nude or nearly nude photos. These sexts are often used in instances of cyber bullying and 'sextortion', a practice in which sexual predators entice teenagers and children to send vulgar photos of themselves and then blackmail the victim into sending more.

My Mobile Watchdog is the first consumer solution built to protect kids from these dangers. The app can alert parents to danger the instant a stranger contacts their child. Moreover, My Mobile Watchdog allows parents to look at the content of their children's text messages, social media conversations and phone calls as well as track their child's location. Parents can customize the app to achieve the right balance of privacy and security for their family.

The app is built using the same technology as eAgency Mobile Security Radar, a text messaging and mobile photo monitoring application provided free to law enforcement agencies as an integral part of their Internet Crimes Against Children programs. Radar has led to over 2,000 arrests with a 100% conviction rate. Like Radar, My Mobile Watchdog ensures that data from the app is admissible in a court of law.

"When kids realize that monitoring is occurring, they will not want to get involved in cyber bullying, sexting and other unsafe digital behavior," added Lotter. "We believe a small group of parents using My Mobile Watchdog can curb these activities on a large scale and safeguard their entire community from online predators." 

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