Our product offers a number of features for you.  Please take a moment to review the information included here.

Android Features

You will need to first register the phone on the parent dashboard. The dashboard sends a text to the child's phone which will direct you to download the app on the child's phone. Next, you open the app on the child's phone and enter your registered parent information. Once that is complete information begins populating the parent dashboard. The app is visible on the child's device and it does display a message - "This phone is protected by My Mobile Watchdog".


  • Text message monitoring including photos sent/received and deleted texts on the standard messaging application
  • Calls Made/Received
  • Location
  • Contact Management
  • App Management
  • Time Block
  • Website Management

Parents will use the website for the management of the account and viewing of information on their child's activity, there is not a parent application to install.  The website is mobile friendly for ease of use, accessible from your phone, computer or tablet.  We do recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari as the preferred and best-performing internet browsers.