How to Install My Mobile Watchdog on Your Child's Android Phone

First let's turn off Google Play protect.  Google Play protect may prevent you from installing the mmwd.apk pack as our app is not in the Google Play Store.

1.  Turn Google Play Protect OFF for installation
a. Open your Android device's Google Play Store app .
b. Tap Menu Play Protect.
c. Turn Scan device for security threats off.

2. Enable "Unknown Sources" in Settings on your child's Android phone.

3. Log in to the parent platform at  

a.  Select device type:  Android

b.  Enter your child's phone number and display name.  For example - Display Name:  Teddy   Child's Phone Number: 9499491234

c.  Send the link to your child's phone from the parent dashboard

4. Click on the link sent to your child's messages to download the application.

ALTERNATE INSTALLATION OPTION:  You can also type this directly into an internet browser on your child's phone:

5. Locate and install the app.

Go to the File Manager or My Files app on your child's Android phone. Locate the mmwd.apk download and select. You will be presented with a number of questions during installation, please allow all these features in the installation questions.

You will be required to enter your My Mobile Watchdog registered parent email address and password during installation.

6. That's it!

Once the phone is successfully configured it should immediately begin synchronizing data with My Mobile Watchdog.  This may take up to 1 hour to complete.