When was the last iCloud back up?  On your child's phone go to Settings>iCloud>Back Up.  On this screen it will tell you when the last back up was run.


How does it work?

To retrieve the new data from your child’s device, the phone must complete an iCloud backup. 


Apple does an automatic iCloud backup every night and you should have access to new data once a day. 


This requires that the iCloud Backup setting be turned on at night when the device is idle, charging and connected to WiFi.  The device must be idle during the nightly iCloud backup or it will not backup the device. 


After the nightly back up runs, new data will be reported to the parent dashboard.  If the iCloud back up is not running nightly no new information will post to the parent dashboard.


Let's have you pull a manual back prior to the nighttime iCloud run you can do so at any time once the initial iPhone set up is completed.

1.   Manually initiate a back up on the child's iPhone.

On the child's phone go to Settings> iCloud>Back UP>Back up now.  Wait until the back up is complete before proceeding.  Once the back up is complete, reboot the phone.

2.  When the iCloud back says complete, log in to the parent dashboard for My Mobile Watchdog

Go to Settings>Devices>Sync Device Icon (located far right of the device listing) in the My Mobile Watchdog parent dashboard.

When complete you will get an email saying it is complete.