Please check these settings on your child's phone.

First, please reboot the child's phone.

On Android  it requires "Usage Data Access" to be enabled on Android phone for it to work. 

Please go to settings on the child's phone and search "usage data access".  Here  you will see the My Mobile Watchdog app listed.  

Make sure that the setting is turned "on" to allow usage tracking.

Once complete, sync the device and let us know the results.

Step 1:  Go to and select Login.  Enter your parent email and password to access the parent dashboard.

Step 2:  In the parent dashboard, in the upper right, click the drop down and select Settings

Step 3:  Select the tab labeled Devices

Step 4:  To the right hand side of the device listing, click the sync button.  

Click YES, when asked if you want to sync the device.

Step 5:  You will see the parent dashboard display the following message 

Wait about an hour or so then check back for the results.