Please see the instructions below to update the app on your child's phone.

First let's remove the version on the child's phone.

Go to Settings (often found inside a rectangular button on the bottom center of the screen).

Go to Security (also known as Location & Security).

Go to Select Device Administrators.

Uncheck the box for MMWD Child.

Press back two times to get back to the Settings screen.

Go to Applications.

Go to Manage Applications.

Go to MMWD Child.

Press "Uninstall".

How to Install My Mobile Watchdog on Your Child's Android Phone

First let's turn off Google Play protect.  Google Play protect may prevent you from installing the mmwd.apk pack as our app is not in the Google Play Store.

Turn Google Play Protect off or back on
    1.    Open your Android device's Google Play Store app .
    2.    Tap Menu Play Protect.
    3.    Turn Scan device for security threats off.

What version of Android is your child's phone running?

1. Enable "Unknown Sources" in Settings on your child's Android phone.

This is the most important step for installing the My Mobile Watchdog app on your child's Android. Without enabling this option you won’t be able to install the application.

How do I turn Unknown Sources on?

1.    Open the device settings. Look for a gear icon in the notification shade near the top left corner and tap on it.
2.    Scroll down to the Security section and tap to open it.
3.    Scroll down to the entry labeled Unknown sources and read the subtext because you should always read any and all subtext in a "security" section of settings.
4.    Read the pop-up box that tells you Google isn't responsible if you install apps from places they do not explicitly trust and click OK to enable the setting.

You disable the setting the exact same way. Toggle the switch off and installation is once again blocked for apps downloaded outside of trusted app stores.

For phone running Android Oreo operating system (8.0+)

If you have a phone running Oreo (8.0-8.1), you won't see a setting to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Instead, Google treats this as an app permission and you're asked each and every time you want to install an app you got elsewhere. Google has reworked how apps from places other than trusted stores are installed.

The new permission is tied to the app itself, not any user settings. Because it's treated the same as every other runtime permission, like access to your camera, an app that would try to get you to install any other app is unable to trick you with a dialog or use false pretenses. You have to say yes each and every time.
You'll also find a list of apps that use this permission in your settings. That means you can revoke the permission and the app is unable to function. Doing things this way makes it easier for developers to distribute apps from places other than the Play Store because users won't get confused by installation instructions or feel that the app isn't safe because of the language used.

2. Log in to the parent platform at  

a.  Select device type:  Android

b.  Enter your child's phone number and display name.  For example - Display Name:  Teddy   Child's Phone Number: 9499491234

c.  Send the link to your child's phone from the parent dashboard

3.  Click on the link sent to your child's messages to download the application.

ALTERNATE INSTALLATION OPTION:  You can also type this directly into an internet browser on your child's phone:

4. Locate and install the app.

Go to the File Manager or My Files app on your child's Android phone. Locate the mmwd.apk download and select. You will be presented with a number of questions during installation, please allow all these features in the installation questions.

You will be required to enter your My Mobile Watchdog registered parent email address and password during installation.

5. That's it!

Once the phone is successfully configured it should immediately begin synchronizing data with My Mobile Watchdog.  This may take up to 1 hour to complete.