You will be asked to provide your iOS device's phone number along with a friendly display name which we will use to help you identify the device when using the dashboard. In addition, you will be entering the pairing code which you can get from the MMWD Relay application. Then select the correct device from the list to add your iOS device to your parent dashboard.

Parents will need to do this via your PC or MAC laptop or desktop.

Parents will need to have iTunes installed on the laptop or desktop.

How to get the pairing code?

1. Make sure your PC or Mac is set to back up the iOS device over USB or Wi-Fi

  • You need to have iTunes installed on your computer to be able to do this as you will be setting up the phone to "Back Up To This Computer"
  • Click here to learn how to set up your Wi-Fi synchronization on Mac
  • Click here to learn how to set up your USB synchronization on Mac
  • You can follow similar steps on Windows to achieve the same results

2. Download MMWD Relay application and install it on your computer

For Windows Desktops/Laptops:


For MAC Desktops/Laptops:


3. Run the MMWD Relay application and get the pairing code

  • When you start the application there will be a "Start pairing" button
  • After clicking on this button you will get a 6 digit pairing code which you can enter above on this web page
  • IMPORTANT: After entering the code above and selecting a device the Desktop app will ask you for data access permission which you have to allow